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Subject: Red Dwarf X and Competition
Date: 2012-11-24 12:52:57

Well, does anyone else find themselves watching repeats of 'The Beginning' or is it just me, maybe the battle music is too catchy, seem to hum it a lot... anyway, the ratings are in and it's done good. An average of 1.63 million or there abouts is pretty good, especially since it's on Dave a channel many people may not tune into to, because it's channel 12 and not 1-5. Would be interesting to see what the viewing figures would be like if the BBC agreed to air repeats. Not going to happen though.

The competition to win a Red Dwarf X Blu-Ray is going into it's final week, the winner will be picked on the 30th November. Depending where they are in the world they should get it not long after. Good luck to everyone that has taken part, it's not really a hard one this time laugh

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